Tibet – Go or not?

Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet
Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet

Yesterday’s post caused a question “should we visit Tibet”. It’s a bit controversial, especially while visiting Tibet lots of money goes not to the Tibetan people. However, Tibet is such a beautiful place so it’s really worth visiting. And also by going to Tibet we can learn about its history and culture from real Tibetan people.

But, please be careful (and sensitive) while talking with Tibetan people and to try not ask too many questions! They are not allowed to talk about many issues and are also afraid of informers (spies)… I know, we’re simply curios but our questions can be easily answered by reliable sources, when we are back home.

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Wczorajszy post wywo艂a艂 pytanie “czy powinni艣my odwiedzi膰 Tybet”. Odpowied藕 nie jest oczywista. Z jednej strony, podczas naszej wizyty, mn贸stwo pieni臋dzy p贸jdzie nie do r膮k Tybeta艅czyk贸w. Jednak Tybet jest przepi臋knym miejscem i zdecydowanie wartym odwiedzenia. Poza tym, podczas naszej wizyty mo偶emy lepiej pozna膰 histori臋 i kultur臋 Tybetu od jego rdzennych mieszka艅c贸w.

Jednak, pami臋tajcie aby nie zadawa膰 zbyt wielu pyta艅 Tybeta艅czykom. Nasz膮 ciekawo艣膰 mo偶e zaspokoi膰 wiele 藕r贸de艂, chocia偶by w internecie, i mo偶emy wszystko poczyta膰 po powrocie do domu. A rozmawiaj膮c z Tybeta艅czykami nale偶y by膰 ostro偶nym i wra偶liwym, poniewa偶 o wielu kwestiach nie mog膮 oni rozmawia膰, a dodatkowo obawiaj膮 si臋 szpieg贸w…

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33 thoughts on “Tibet – Go or not?”

  1. Penso che sia da visitare, sicuramente 猫 un luogo fantastico, dove incontrare persone speciali e imparare cose nuove.
    Bella l’immagine, 猫 da sogno!!
    Ciao, Pat

  2. sono luoghi che sconvolgono chi li visita : per l’estrema bellezza. per l’estrema gentilezza della popolazione locale, per l’estrema povert脿 e mancanza di libert脿.
    Visitarlo? sempre
    ma se ne torna a pezzi

  3. Guten Morgen Traveling hab einen sch枚nen sonnigen Sonntag das w眉nsche ich dir Klaus in Freundschaft

    1. I guess, it’s different for you, because you’ve been there. I don’t know would I go there again…

  4. I would like to go but I do not know. I can only guess and want to believe that if the traveler tries to chose ONLY Tibetan shops, places to stay and to eat then you can kind of support the Tibetan culture, economy and people.

    But is it easy to distinguish those places and be sure that the owners are Tibetan people ? And are you even allowed to do so as a tourist ?

    A good alternative for those with ethical issues and concerns could be Dharamshala in India I think. As far as I have read there is not an organized travel boycott of Tibet … or am I wrong ?

    1. that’s all very difficult, and I’m afraid there is no simple answer for all questions…

  5. Beautiful short post! 馃檪
    I have only been in the Nepal-Tibet border when I was a little girl, but we didn’t cross the border. The Nepalese have to obtain a Chinese visa to go to Tibet, so it’s not very convenient for us. There are many Tibetan refugees in Nepal and I really feel for them.. It’s a sad story of modern age.

  6. Ja na Twoim miejscu wybra艂abym si臋 do Tybetu – podobno nie jest to takie niebezpieczne, ale kr膮偶y wiele dziwnych plotek o tym miejscu, by wystraszy膰 potencjalnych turyst贸w. S艂ysza艂am to od ludzi, kt贸rzy tam byli i bardzo polecali podr贸偶.

    1. Ale ja by艂am w Tybecie, pisz臋 o miejscach kt贸re odwiedzi艂am.
      W Tybecie nie ma nic niebezpiecznego (mo偶e poza przyrod膮 馃槈 ), a pytanie jest kwestii etycznej…

    1. Czyta艂am o tym, 偶e Tybeta艅czycy nie mog膮 m贸wi膰.
      Nie dowierzaj膮 turystom, poniewa偶 oni wyjad膮, a Tybeta艅czyk poniesie konsekwencje.
      Nie mniej jest to bajecznie egzotyczny kraj. Wielu 偶yje z tej turystyki.
      Pozdrowienia i serdeczno艣ci.

      1. To prawda, mo偶e te偶 kto艣 pods艂uchiwa膰 i na nich donie艣膰 i p贸藕niej maj膮 problemy. S膮 nawet fa艂szywi mnisi… Straszna sytuacja…

  7. It’s a very interesting debate, rising important questions… I would love to visit Nepal, but I am more reluctant about Tibet, but maybe I am wrong… maybe we shouldn’t let these places with complicated political issues all alone…

    1. It’s sad that China is getting more powerful and other countries simply let them do whatever they want to, or have Olympics etc…

    1. mostly, drink lots of water (even when you’re not thirsty!) and do everything much slower than at home!

      And if you feel worse, talk with someone about it, don’t ignore first symptoms!

  8. We talked to the monks where they knew there were no microphones – It is important to let them know that the world knows about the oppression. A horrible situation for them.

    1. That’s so true!
      I heard there are many fake monks, so it makes “normal monks” a bit scared of talking to strangers…

  9. The water in this lake is so still! Gorgeous.

    Thanks for the tip re: asking Tibetan people too many questions. A tourist certainly doesn’t want to accidentally implicate anyone.

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