India – Kama Sutra

Khajuraho, India

Yesterday, I showed you a view of one of the temples from Khajuraho. Today, you see another photo of a temple from Khajuraho with erotic sculptures. This time, I should mention an ancient Indian Hindu work – Kama Sutra. As you may expect, you can buy in many places in Khajuraho this book describing the philosophy and theory of love.

9 thoughts on “India – Kama Sutra”

  1. Well, I find this one disgusting since it depicts bestiality. I knew of course Kama Sutra but I did not know that it was not based only in sex among humans.

    1. Of course, many scenes are disgusting! But in general, these sites in Khajuraho are pretty amazing, from a few reasons.
      p.s. Someone on facebook stopped following my blog, after I showed this photo. It’s a temple from about 11th century! Isn’t it crazy?

      1. 😀 😀 yes it is unreasonable and weird … But people are often like that 😉

    1. it’s a very impressive place!
      I was there without a guide, and i think it was ok. 🙂

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