Japan – Kimono

Kyoto, Japan

Kimono (literally a thing to wear) is a traditional Japanese outfit, for women and men.
Kimono is rather a very formal clothing for special occasions, so you won’t see Japanese people wearing it everyday.

I was lucky to be in Japan during holidays, when many Japanese were wearing kimono. It was also great to observe weddings with all of these beautiful, traditional clothes. Moreover, I met a person fascinated with a Japanese culture who let us try kimono on; of course without her help I wouldn’t be able to “tied” it correctly (it’s like an art…).
I heard, there are also stores that offer renting a kimono, dressing you up with all make-up; I guess it also can be funny.

4 thoughts on “Japan – Kimono”

  1. We saw so many kimonos during our trip in Japan that I thought it is kind of ¨normal¨ outfit if one is a bit more connected to tradition. Especially Arashiyama and Koyasan were full 😀 Then in Arashiyama we did see places that were offering a full makeover. They look super special :-).
    I never saw one in combination with fur though (makes sense, it was summer :-P)

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