Japan – Nikko

Nikko, Japan

“Never Say Kekko Until You’ve Seen Nikko” – it’s an old Japanese saying, so no wonder Nikko is a popular destination for Japanese and international tourists.
(“Kekko” means beautiful.)

I’ve visited Nikko and indeed, it’s a lovely place!
There are very special temples plus amazing nature is around (mountainous, lakes, waterfalls, hot springs, wild monkeys).

Tomorrow, I’ll show you something from Nikko, that I’m sure almost all of you’ve seen it before. I saw it before I went to Japan, however I didn’t know it’s from Japan…

8 thoughts on “Japan – Nikko”

  1. I have not been to Nikko! XD
    I am looking forward to your photo:D
    [Never Say Kekko Until You’ve Seen Nikko],You are well-read! Respect you!!:D
    It’s proverb means like “See Naples and then die.”
    That is the expression that that is wonderful,It is a similar example of words praising the highest.

    [Kekko],when , enough plenty and without a fault or lack, Japanese use [Kekko].
    For example, when “it is an unnecessary” without using “No”, Japanese use [Kekko]

    Japanese use metaphorical expressions , Japanese do not say straight. That is wisdom to prevent trouble. Because Japan is a narrow country. 😀

  2. This is an excellent photo really!

    I have not been there but I hope there will be a next time for me to Japan 🙂

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