Japan – Trains

Shinkansen, Japan

Japan is famous from high-speed trains. They reach the speed of around 300 km/h, but test runs have reached even over 600 km/h – isn’t it crazy?!?

Japanese high-speed trains are called Shinkansen or simply bullet trains. While being in Japan, you have to take a ride! These trains are very nice, safe and very reliable. If I’m correct, each year the Japan Railways companies make statistics about average delay from schedule and these results are pretty impressive.
However, as you see in today’s picture, the delay can be also quite big (5 minutes is a lot! – seriously! people were very confused because of that!).
Actually, I took this photo on the 31st of December, so the last day of that year destroyed yearly statistics… 😉

11 thoughts on “Japan – Trains”

  1. The reason why the Japanese Shinkansen is quick is that “inspection” is done very precisely.
    Inspection of rails etc …
    And the bullet train will arrive on time on a minute basis.
    That is the symbol of “precision” in Japan.
    Very welcome to Japan 😀

    1. They are so cool!
      Thanks for your comments!
      I hope, I’ll not write something silly… 😉

      1. Your photos and introductions are Great and wonderful! 😀
        I am honored that you introduced Japan 😀

  2. 600 km/h is not crazy, it must be great fun! I would love to make a train trip at that speed. I love speed. For example on German “autobahn”, I have driven at the speed of 242 km/h.

    Happy new week.

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