Norway – King crabs

King crab, Snow Hotel, Kirkenes, Norway
King crab, Snow Hotel, Kirkenes, Norway

Fishing Arctic King Crabs on the frozen fjords of Kirkenes is another unique experience from the Snow Hotel. I have to say, at the beginning, I didn’t expect too much out of this. However, it happened we had a really great time! So if you are planning to go there but still unsure about doing “king crabs fishing”, trust me, it’s really worthy!

Fishing them is relatively easy, just be careful while holding king crabs, they are huge!

These crabs go by many names. There is “king crab” because of its blue blood. Some may have heard them by the name “Stalin crab”.
The later one, I guess, it’s a local name given by the Norwegians… simply because these crabs were introduced by the Russians and made with time their ways deep into the Norwegian coastal waters
King crabs are very big, live long and they are aggressive. They eat basically everything on their way. In times and places of food shortage they even eat each others! It has been documented that king crabs destroy ecosystems. In the waters nearby Kirkenes, king crabs have exterminated other species of crabs. However Norwegians try to confine king crabs to particular areas, but with limited success. And, unfortunately, money is always an issue… King crab’s meat is very precious, and there is never an easy solution when economy is in conflict with ecology…

As I mentioned above, king crab’s meat is expensive and you can find it in top restaurants; tomorrow I’ll tell you is whether it’s overrated or not. 馃檪


艁owienie krab贸w kr贸lewskich na zamarzni臋tym fiordzie to kolejna, wyj膮tkowa atrakcja w Snow Hotel. Cho膰 musz臋 przyzna膰, 偶e pocz膮tkowo nie wydawa艂o mi si臋 to zbyt interesuj膮ce, bardzo mi艂o si臋 zaskoczy艂am. I teraz wiem, 偶e gdyby艣my to odpu艣cili to wiele by艣my stracili!

Samo 艂owienie krab贸w nie jest zbyt trudne. Bardziej wymagaj膮ce jest utrzymanie takie wielkiego stwora. 馃槈

Te kraby maj膮 dwie nazwy, przynajmniej w Norwegii… Pierwsza, oficjalna, to krab kr贸lewski i zwi膮zana jest z niebiesk膮 krwi膮 tego gatunku.
Lokalna nazwa, to “krab Stalina”, a wzi臋艂a si臋 st膮d, 偶e te kraby przyp艂yn臋艂y do Norwegii z Rosji. Jest to do艣膰 agresywny gatunek, kt贸ry 偶ywi si臋 wszystkim (zjadaj膮 nawet siebie nawzajem), st膮d niszczy ekosystem. Dodatkowo s膮 to bardzo du偶e kraby, kt贸re d艂ugo 偶yj膮. W okolicach Kirkenes, kraby kr贸lewskie zniszczy艂y lokalny gatunek kraba. Norwegowie staraj膮 si臋 utrzyma膰 ich terytorium pod kontrol膮, jednak nie zawsze jest to proste, szczeg贸lnie gdy w gr臋 wchodz膮 pieni膮dze… Mi臋so krab贸w kr贸lewskich nale偶y do rarytas贸w, st膮d jest bardzo drogie, wi臋c niestety mo偶na na nim sporo zarobi膰… W takich sytuacjach ekologia rzadko wygrywa z ekonomi膮…

Mi臋so krab贸w kr贸lewskich mo偶na znale藕膰 w najlepszych restauracjach; jutro opisz臋 czy jest przereklamowane. 馃槈

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  1. That’s one huge crab! My grandfather was a fisherman and he caught many crabs, some not quite this big but not far off. Don’t get your thumb caught in their claws he always warned me as they can snap your finger off – one day he had to patiently wait for over an hour as his thumb became trapped before the crab became bored and released him!

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