Norway – Reindeer

Reindeer, Snow Hotel, Kirkenes, Norway
Reindeer, Snow Hotel, Kirkenes, Norway

Reindeer is another animal that lives at the Snow Hotel. I’m not sure, what was more difficult, to take pictures of huskies or reindeer, they’re moving all the time… The easiest is to “catch” them while eating or “visiting the toilet”. 馃槈

At the Snow Hotel you’ll find 5 reindeer, mostly they’re brown (like the one in the photo), but one is completely white.

There are more than 100,000 reindeer in northern Norway and only Sami people (S谩mi, Saami, Lapps) can own reindeer. They put some marks on the reindeer’s ears and by those the Sami farmers can recognize them.

And one more thing, in the Snow Hotel, you can also try reindeer meat. I guess, it’s part of the experience, however, I don’t eat meat…


Renifery to kolejne zwierzaki, kt贸re spotkacie w Snow Hotel. Renifery, podobnie jak husky, zmieniaj膮 pozycj臋 zbyt cz臋sto, st膮d trudno je sfotografowa膰… Najlepiej wykorzysta膰 okazj臋 gdy s膮 zaj臋te jedzeniem albo “korzystaj膮 z toalety”. 馃槈

W Snow Hotel mieszka 5 renifer贸w, wi臋kszo艣膰 jest br膮zowa jak ten ze zdj臋cia, ale jeden jest zupe艂nie bia艂y.

W p贸艂nocnej Norwegii 偶yje ponad 100,000 renifer贸w. Cz臋艣膰 z nich nale偶y to Lapo艅czyk贸w. O Lapo艅czykach, czyli potomkach pierwotnych mieszka艅c贸w Skandynawii, m贸wi si臋 czasem jako Saamowie, 艁oparowie, Loparowie, Saami lub Sami, i tylko oni mog膮 posiada膰 renifery.

I jeszcze jedna informacja, w Snow Hotel mo偶na spr贸bowa膰 mi臋sa renifer贸w. Jednak, nie podziel臋 si臋 moimi wra偶eniami na ten temat, gdy偶 nie jadam mi臋sa…

44 thoughts on “Norway – Reindeer”

  1. No to mog艂aby艣 napisa膰 w temacie dzielenia si臋 wra偶eniami z testowania mi臋sa renifera: wystarczy艂 mi sam jego (mi臋sa, nie 偶ywego renifera) widok, by stwierdzi膰, 偶e jest niejadalne. I tego stanowiska b臋d臋 si臋 trzyma膰 馃槈
    Mnie za艣 widok 偶ywego renifera wystarcza, 偶eby wiedzie膰, 偶e jego mi臋so jest niejadalne. Zbyt pi臋kne zwierz臋, by je zjada膰.

    1. no, ja mam og贸lnie takie podej艣cie, ale wydawa艂o mi si臋, 偶e powinnam o tym wspomnie膰, bo to jednak tradycyjny posi艂ek. 馃檪

  2. Are there people other than Sami people living in these parts of Northern Norway? And if so do you know why only Sami people can own a reindeer? Or did you mean that in the entire Norway only in these parts people can own these animals?

    1. I’ll try my best to answer your questions 馃檪
      1. Sami people are native to the northern Scandinavia, but in Kirkenes live also many Norwegians from all places in the country.
      There are also some foreigners. And actually many refuges, because they’re cycling from Russia to Kirkenes to cross the border and be in “Europe”. It’s not allowed to walk over border Russia-Norway-Finland, so they’re buying bicycles from Russians and cycling to Norway, isn’t crazy?
      2. I think it’s kind of connection and part of tradition that only only native people can own reindeer. I think it’s like with killing seals or whales in some countries, it’s allowed for native people, but not for everyone, and I think it makes sense.
      3. I think reindeer live only in Arctic or Subarctic regions, and native people as well.
      Let me know, if something is not clear! 馃檪

      1. Thank you everything is very clear now 馃檪 and interesting! I found the cycling part crazy indeed and funny in that sense. Killing animals will never make sense to me but I understand how you say it.

  3. Gorgeous! I don’t eat meat either and Norway is one of the countries I wonder how easy it would be to eat well – how did you find it? I don’t eat fish either which rules out a lot of alternatives.

    1. I eat fish, and Scandinavia is a paradise for fish lovers 馃槈 but you’ll find fruits and vegetables without any problem! They’re just not so cheap…

    1. niestety nie, mo偶e to przyjemno艣膰 zarezerwowana tylko dla tego starszego pana w czerwonym stroju? 馃槈

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