Cuba – Ladies in White

Lady in White, Havana, Cuba
Lady in White, Havana, Cuba

Ladies in White is an opposition movement in Cuba founded in 2003. They demand to release from the prison 75 human rights defenders, independent journalists, and librarians. Ladies in White wear white clothes as a symbol of peace.

They don’t have an easy life in Cuba, besides being recognized abroad. They even got Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, however they received this price after 8 years, because earlier they weren’t allowed to travel abroad.
Unfortunately, from time to time, you’ll find in news that some Ladies in White were arrested, again…


Kobiety w Bieli, to kubański ruch społeczny który powstał w 2003 roku. Kobiety te żądają zwolnienia z więzienia 75 aresztowanych za walkę o respektowanie praw obywatelskich. Jako symbol pokoju, kobiety ubierają codziennie białe stroje.

Organizacja jest rozpoznawana za granicą i Kobietom w Bieli przyznano nawet Nagrodę Sakharov, jednak zabroniono im opuszczać Kubę i dopiero po 8 latach otrzymały nagrodę.
Niestety na Kubie nie mają łatwego życia, np. od czasu do czasu kilka Kobiet w Bieli jest aresztowanych…

24 thoughts on “Cuba – Ladies in White”

  1. Informative post. I wonder how the new relations with USA will change things. Perhaps the regime may see things differently with the world watching? The photo is lovely as well.

    1. I’m also curios about it, USA officially changed something, but what about Cuba – are they going to really change something… ?

  2. Mam nadzieję, że kiedyś ten stetryczały reżim zdechnie i na Kubie będzie wreszcie normalnie. Może nie w europejskim tego słowa znaczeniu, ale normalnie.

    1. Thank you!
      I liked it, when I first saw many women in white in Havana, but then I learnt the story behind it…

  3. Very interesting. I didn’t know about this movement, but I did know that for Cubans to travel abroad was very difficult. I’m not sure how things stand regarding that now that the US has opened up diplomatic relations.

  4. I had never heard of these brave women. Have they had any results in getting people freed? I’d really like to know more. Perhaps I can find them on the internet. Thanks so much for your informative posts and wonderful photos that make over people’s worlds real for us that don’t get to go there.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! 🙂
      It’s a sad story, but very important… As far as I know, Ladies in White didn’t succeed in Cuba, rather made their life more complicated. There is kind of international success, because they made it public and people are aware what’s going on, more or less…

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