Madagascar – Morning newspaper

Morning newspaper
Morning newspaper

I didn’t really find nothing very interesting in Antananarivo, and obviously it’s not the reason why people want to visit Madagascar. The only thing that comes to my mind are French bakeries, with delicious food. Madagascar used to be a French colony, so French confectionery and an official language remind of this period.

Because of that, I decided to take some pictures of people or their daily life during our short visit in a city.

p.s. Who doesn’t like to check morning news? 😉


Jak już wspomniałam, Antananarywa nie zachwyciła mnie i oczywistą rzeczą jest, że nikt nie jedzie na Madagaskar aby zwiedzać stolicę. 😉 Z pozytywnych rzeczy w Tanie, mogę wymienić piekarnie/cukiernie. Pewnie brzmi to zabawnie biorąc pod uwagę, że jesteśmy w Afryce, jednak Madagaskar był kolonią francuską i to taka słodka pozostałość po tych czasach.

Z tego powodu, nasz krótki pobyt w Antananarywie postanowiłam wykorzystać na fotografowanie ludzi i ich codziennego życia.

p.s. Kto nie lubi czytać porannej gazety (albo internetowej gazety)? 😉

16 thoughts on “Madagascar – Morning newspaper”

  1. how come I can not lief your post when I read it in the mail, and only comment? keep those mada pica coming ! 😀

    1. hmm, I don’t know should it work like that; but i guess it works when you open my website?

      Anyway, thank you for visiting! 🙂

  2. Brrr morning news…
    unfortunately there are never good news (in our country)… but I have serious doubts whether is the same case everywhere on the planet…
    Thanks for sharing (lemurs and baobab are however much more pleasant) :-)claudine

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog! 🙂

      I guess, I could post pictures of baobabs everyday, but I try to keep a balance 😀

  3. Ooh – French bakeries. Now, that’s something I’ve never heard about Madagascar. Another reason to visit!

  4. Hoping to be in France in October. My favorite French pastry is a tarte au citron. Which is a lemon tarte. Ohhhh yum! Hope you find some.

  5. That is a really great photo. You captured the man engrossed in his reading very well. I jmagine it was in French. The smell of those bakeries must be wonderful.

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