Madagascar – Daily life in Tana

Laundry in Tana
Laundry in Tana

Today you can still see the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo. Laundry in a river – for some it’s a routine, for others it’s a bit unusual. Well, it’s just a different way of living…


Dzisiejsze zdjęcie ciągle przedstawia stolicę albo jej obrzeża. To taka lokalna pralnia. W rzece się pierze, a suszy na trawie.

10 thoughts on “Madagascar – Daily life in Tana”

  1. My back hurts, just looking at that! We are spoiled with all our time and body saving devices.

    I like seeing the people and how they live. Thanks.

  2. As you put it so well, it’s just a different way of living. Thank you for sharing your discoveries with us. 🙂

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