Mongolia – Food

The Gobi Desert, Mongolia

“You don’t go to Mongolia because of food” – that’s what I read before visiting Mongolia. I don’t remember where I saw this sentence, but I remember the moment when I understood the meaning of it… 😉

To be fair – maybe, I’m not the best person for talking about food; I’m a bit picky… And I don’t eat meat – that’s something extra weird for many Mongolians.

In general, Mongolian diet is based on animal products. We can distinguish “white” and “red” food.
-“White” food consists of dairy products (often made of fermented milk) and it’s eaten in summer.
-“Red” food means simply meat, and it’s the main source of energy in winter.

Just one warning; if you visit a nomadic family, it’s very likely you’ll get some diary products made of fermented milk. They are healthy, but if you’re not use to them, your stomach may get upset…

4 thoughts on “Mongolia – Food”

  1. Some friends once travelled by train across Mongolia and told me they thought I wouldn’t be able to eat anything there (vegetarian) which has put me off visiting.

    1. yeah… it may be tough… however, I still recommend to visit the Gobi, even for a few days 🙂

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