Mongolia – Traditional Clothes

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Traditional Mongolian clothes are very nice, unfortunately mostly older people wear them.
As you can see in today’s picture – the older man is wearing beautiful clothes (Deel) with an interesting belt; a young one is wearing just jeans and a T-shirt.

Each ethnic group in Mongolia has their own traditional clothes. There are different clothes for men and women, some special ones for summer or winter, etc. I heard that the most unique are traditional Mongolians head wear; apparently they have hundreds kinds of hats!

If you want to see different traditional Mongolian clothes – visit Mongolia during one of the bigger festivals, e.g., Naadam festival (later, I’ll tell you more about this event).

2 thoughts on “Mongolia – Traditional Clothes”

  1. How interesting! I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that younger people have been influenced by modern, western attire, but what a loss to the overall culture I would think. The older person’s traditional attire is truly beautiful! The traditional clothing looks very comfortable!

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