Mongolia – Naadam Festival (11–13 July)

The Gobi Desert, Mongolia

There a few large and famous festivals in Mongolia and definitely, it’s a good idea to visit Mongolia during one of the festivals.

Every July (11th-13th of July), the Naadam Festival is held in Ulaanbaatar. It’s actually a “sport festival”. You can see lots of wrestling, archery and horse racing, i.e., very traditional activities in Mongolia. If it doesn’t sound interesting to you, forget these sports – think about the festival as a short period in Ulaanbaatar when the city becomes very colorful and people wear beautiful traditional clothes! Perfect time for photographers! 🙂
I regret, that I couldn’t experience the Naadam Festival when I was in Mongolia, but I had my reasons to travel in August.

4 thoughts on “Mongolia – Naadam Festival (11–13 July)”

  1. One should really not miss the opening ceremony in the stadium where archery and wrestling also take place. It is the most amazing epic live experience I’ve ever had, while you also get an insight in the history of Mongolia (including Genghis Khan).

    Horse racing does not take place in the stadium, so one has to go through the enormous traffic.

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