Cuba – Revolution

Revolution Square, Havana, Cuba
Revolution Square, Havana, Cuba

The Cuban Revolution took place in years 1953 – 1959 and was initiated by Fidel Castro against the President Fulgencio Batista.
I’ll not write much about it, because it’s a travel not political blog. 😉 But I have to mention it, because Cuba without its revolution and Castro wouldn’t be the same place as it is now. And memories of revolution, Fidel Castro or Che Guevara and still vivid.

This picture was taken at the very characteristic Revolution Square (Plaza de la Revolucion) in Havana.


Rewolucja na Kubie trwała w latach 1953 – 1959, a została zainicjowana przez Fidela Castro, który sprzeciwiał się ówczesnemu prezydentowi Fulgencio Batista.
Nie będę za wiele pisać na temat rewolucji, ponieważ jest to blog podróżniczy, a nie polityczny. 😉 Jednak Kuba nie byłaby Kubą bez rewolucji, Castro i Che, więc nie sposób ich nie wspomnieć. Co więcej odwiedzając Kubę łatwo zauważyć, że temat rewolucji jest ciągle żywy.

Dzisiejsze zdjęcie zostało wykonane na Placu Rewolucji (Plaza de la Revolucion) w Hawanie.

20 thoughts on “Cuba – Revolution”

  1. I am the Cuban revolution age and never knew another Cuba. For me Cuba is as it is. I love Cubans. They are sincere and proud.

  2. Do you know when the building was built? Is it a government building with offices? Are those window air conditioners? If it didn’t say viva Castro, I would think the face is Jesus with a halo.
    Perhaps that was the point?

    Fascinating. Thanks for the interesting picture. I’m enjoying the tour of Cuba and like your diversity of subjects. That’s like getting to go there ourselves.

    1. I think, it was built in 1959, and it’s actually Camilo Cienfuegos, I also didn’t know about it…

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