Russia – Final impression

Caucasus Mountains, Russia

October is almost over, so it’s time to say “Bye bye Russia” on my blog.
How did you like my travel impressions this month?

Russia is a large country, and I’ve seen only a tiny part of it. However, I can recommend places I’ve visited, i.e., Moscow and Saint Petersburg (with their vicinity), and Caucasus Mountains.
I hope to visit Russia again because of two sites: the Lake Baikal and Kamchatka.

What kind of place in Russia would you recommend the most?

p.s. Tomorrow we’re “flying” to a warm country. 🙂
Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Russia – Final impression”

  1. Marvelous photo’s accompanied with great short stories/information again. Russia is not a country I would chose to go to however.
    Just back from a short vacation-week in Spain. The North-West part. Near to Bilboa and San Sebastian and a fabulous rock in the ocean. Have you been there? (check my site for an overview)

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