South Africa – AIDS

South Africa

Many years ago, a friend told me a story about South Africa, that was hard to believe in. To make it short, it was about men raping babies and small children (virgins) to be cured for AIDS or to prevent from getting AIDS. It sounds like a horror, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this kind of sexual violence is quite common, because many people have these false beliefs about HIV/AIDS transmission and prevention. I feel speechless how horrible it is… And, it actually spreads the disease even more…

HIV and AIDS are huge problems in South Africa. And sadly, there are probably more people with HIV and AIDS in South Africa than in any other country in the world.

7 thoughts on “South Africa – AIDS”

  1. There are only couple of countries in Southern Africa where AIDS is more prevalent, mainly due to access to education. It’s Lesotho and Swaziland. Very sad. And many people in goverment and healthcare actually dismiss thaf this is a problem, ie former president Mbeki (who stated that AIDS doesn’t kill if you follow healthy diet) or current president Jacob Zuma, who raped an AIDS activist ( it according to him by the way) and took shower to prevent the disease…

    1. i know… i understand!
      But I felt that I had to write something about it, especially it was kind of first thing I heard about South Africa.
      I believe, it’s important to know it, it’s good to be aware of it, and it’s necessary to do something about this…

      p.s. since know, only positive impressions about South Africa 😉

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