England – Squirrels

York, running squirrel, England

Somehow, I have an impression there are lots of squirrels in the UK.
There are mostly grey squirrels, however red ones you can also find.
I have many (sharp 😉 ) pictures of grey squirrels from the UK, but I decided to show you this unsharp one, definitely not the best photo, but I find it funny.
I hope you don’t mind its quality. 🙂

Thailand – Elephants

Elephants in Thailand

Unfortunately, Thailand is famous for e.g., elephants.
I wrote unfortunately, because many places with animals in Thailand are of quite poor quality, and it’s very sad they exist, and poor animals have to be there.
Of course, you can also find a place own by people who love nature and animals and treat them well; but it’s a challenging task to find this kind of place in Thailand…

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