Thailand – almost-Komodo on the Beach

Asian water monitor lizard, Thailand

I remember sitting on the beach while this big lizard came from the stones.
Not the best experience…
As fast as I could, but slowly, I moved to the safer arrea. 😉

I thought, it was a Komodo dragon, but they don’t live in Thailand; it’s a close cousin of komodo, called Asian water monitor lizard.

Thailand – Long Neck

Karen Long Neck Tribe, Thailand

Karen or simply Long Neck is a name of a tribe from Myanmar (Burma), but also living in Thailand these days.
Karen women are very characteristic, because they wear several metal rings around their necks, wrists and ankles.

Thailand – Elephants

Elephants in Thailand

Unfortunately, Thailand is famous for e.g., elephants.
I wrote unfortunately, because many places with animals in Thailand are of quite poor quality, and it’s very sad they exist, and poor animals have to be there.
Of course, you can also find a place own by people who love nature and animals and treat them well; but it’s a challenging task to find this kind of place in Thailand…