USA – Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the iconic sites in USA, so no wonder it’s a major tourist attraction. It’s huge and impressive, but in USA, you’ll find many amazing national or state parks. For me, the Grand Canyon Nation Park is just one of them. I’ll show you this month pictures from a few other parks and I have to admit, I liked all of them! Landscapes in US are incredible, but my favorite park I’ll present on my blog on the 19th of October 2015. 😀


Wielki Kanion to jeden z najbardziej znanych amerykańskich parków narodowych. Jest on imponujący, ale… w USA jest bardzo dużo cudownych parków. Nie raz przemykało nam przez myśl “to niesprawiedliwe, że oni mają taką niesamowitą przyrodę”. 😉 Według mnie, Wielki Kanion to jeden z wielu pięknych miejsc w USA, tylko bardziej sławny. W tym miesiącu pokażę Wam kilka innych parków, mam nadzieje że się Wam spodobają! A mój ulubiony pojawi się 19.10.2015. 😀

27 thoughts on “USA – Grand Canyon”

  1. Definitely somewhere I want to visit. Several people I know have done the helicopter flight over it, but I’d prefer to go into the canyon itself. Great photo! ?

    1. I didn’t take a helicopter flight, but I think exploring on foot is great the best for the environment! 🙂

  2. I never got to the Grand Canyon, even though I lived in Arizona for several years. my daughter is going there next week. I am looking forward to your photos.

    1. I’m sure your daughter is going to like it!
      Now, I’m curious how it looks in October 😉

  3. I love the Grand Canyon and am glad to hear that you have visited and appreciate it. I’ll be eager to see which of the National Parks is your favorite!

  4. It is surely on my -to visit- list 🙂 I am curious about 19th of October !! Well I am curious about the single next day actually 🙂

  5. Hello Maja,
    What a great picture!!
    So amazing this view from this high point of the rocks. Very great!!

    Many greetings,

  6. Sempre d’impagabile intensità le immagini fotografiche che ci proponi.
    Un saluto,silvia

    1. Myśle, że wszędzie znajdzie się coś niesamowitego, z tych co poznałam to bardzo polecam Arizonę, Kolorado, i Utah. Ale czasami jedzie się w konkretne miejsce np. do Yellowstone. Marzy mi się jeszcze Alaska i mimo, że tam nie byłam, to chyba też można polecić! 😉

      1. Na Alaskę też chcę polecieć. Marzy mi się wypożyczenie campera i jeżdżenie nim po bezdrożach… 🙂

  7. We visited the Grand Canyon some 35 years ago. And you’re right, it is impressive and iconic but there are so many other parks in the US equally worth seeing.

  8. Loved visiting the Grand Canyon a few years back. When I went the other side almost looked like a painting due to the haze. We managed to be there just in time for sunset which made the moment that little more special as it suddenly went quiet to pause.

    1. These kind of simple moments we remember the best and they made our trips 🙂

      Thank you for visiting my blog! 🙂

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