USA – Canyon de Chelly

Canyon de Chelly
Canyon de Chelly

In Canyon de Chelly National Monument you can learn about Navajo people. Especially in Arizona, you can visit Navajo sites, meet Navajo people, learn about their culture, or even spent a night in a hogan. Hogan is a traditional Navajo house, and it’s an interesting experience to sleep in it, on a rainy day… 🙂

Canyon de Chelly is another example of beautiful landscape.


Kanion de Chelly to jedno z wielu miejsc w Arizonie, gdzie można poznać kulturę Indian Navajo. Ten park oferuje również nocleg w tradycyjnym indiańskim „domku” tzw. hoganie. Jest to ciekawe doświadczenie, szczególnie gdy w nocy szaleje burza… 😉 Na szczęście nasz hogan nie przeciekał. 😀

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  1. Hi Maja.
    Congratulations both on your profession (My, my…) and your passion. You do post nice photographs too. 🙂
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    ‘Hope to see you around again.
    Ah! Another word of praise: to do a bilingual blog takes courage and time. I post in english and spanish, rarely french but never translate. Just out of curiosity: what is the other language? Polish or Czech? 🙂
    Safe and pleasant travels

    1. Thank you Brian, for your kind words!
      My blog is in English and Polish (your guess was correct!), however I don’t really try to translate from one to another. I prepare first an English version and then think in English, and later a Polish one and then I think in Polish. 🙂
      See you soon!

  2. Hi,
    What an amazing photo. I am trying to improve my blog photography. Are you a travel blogger? I’d considered becoming a travel blogger but changed to blogging about blogging instead.
    Thank you for visiting my site Mostly Blogging. I am glad you liked my Reddit article.

    1. Hello Janice,
      your website is very useful, I have to try Reddit!

      I’m trying to be a travel blogger, or more like a travel-photo blogger 😉

  3. A wonderful photograph of an incredible view. The canyon itself is stunning and those tall rocks are just awesome! Thank you for sharing this. ?

    1. Thank you! Indeed, this park is stunning, as well as many others. US landscapes are so amazing! 🙂

  4. I did not know what a hogan looks like until I googled it 🙂 It looks like an igloo made of sand 😛 It has to be really nice to stay there for a night!

    1. it’s a perfect description of it! 😀 It was very nice, but I was worrying a bit because of the storm. 😉

  5. Beautiful photo Maja. I love these southwest desert landscapes, and have toured the region a number of times. But somehow, each time I’ve missed the Canyon de Chelly. Your post reminds me that once again, on my next trip to the area I will make it there. ~James

    1. Thank you, James! You have to go there next time! 🙂 It’s a beautiful place full of history 🙂

  6. Bardzo bym chciała tam się znaleźć:) Ale powoli zaczynam zbieracc informację, aby przybliżyć się do celu.

  7. So beautiful.Long time ago when my daugher was in America I visit “Canyon de Chelly National Monumen”It was wonderful.

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