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Hawaiian Islands consist of many islands. The biggest is called Hawaii, and people often refer to it as “The Big Island”. The other big islands are: Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, etc. The capital of the state is Honolulu, and it’s located on Oahu. So when you fly to “Hawaii”, it’s very likely you actually fly to “Oahu”. 馃槈

Today, I wanted to show you a typical view of Hawaiian landscape which mostly resembles a nice scenery of ocean, palm trees, and blue sky. 馃檪


Stan Hawaje sk艂ada si臋 z wielu wysepek, a najwi臋ksza nazywa si臋 w艂a艣nie Hawaii. 馃檪 Do du偶ych wyps nale偶膮 tak偶e Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai oraz Oahu. Na Oahu mie艣ci si臋 stolica, czyli Honolulu. Wi臋c je偶eli polecicie na Hawaje, s膮 du偶e szanse 偶e wyl膮dujecie najpierw na Oahu. 馃槈

Dzisiaj chcia艂am Wam pokaza膰 zdj臋cie, jakie chyba wielu osobom przychodzi na my艣l gdy s艂ysz膮 “Hawaje” – czyli ocean, palmy i b艂臋kitne niebo. 馃檪

38 thoughts on “USA – Oahu”

    1. 呕aden wstyd, to wydaje si臋 naturalne! 馃檪
      Mi si臋 kiedy艣 nazwa Honolulu, kojarzy艂a z Azj膮 馃槈

  1. I’m amused because your photo from Oahu was taken in the same place in a canvas photo print my boss just bought was taken…. It about two feet from me right now! XD Lovely shots… I want to go to Hawaii some day~

  2. Wonderful shot. This looks exactly like my home town. I will share some pictures of my place in the coming days.

  3. Zdj臋cie wspania艂e. Zwiedzenie USA jest moim marzeniem i mam nadziej臋, 偶e uda si臋 kiedy艣 je zrealizowa膰 i zwiedzi膰 wzd艂u偶 i wszerz;>

    1. Dzi臋kuj臋!
      Na pewno si臋 uda! A p贸ki co zapraszam na wirtualn膮 podr贸偶 po USA na moim blogu ,w tym miesi膮cu 馃檪

  4. An astrophysicist? Wow. Fantastic. How wonderful to bump into your blog.
    My daughter studies aero/astro in University and I could not be more excited to meet (albeit electronically) more brilliant people in the science industry.
    And of course, your traveling photos are exquisite.
    Cheers to you!

  5. Love Hawaii! I was just there last month and it was beautiful. (But during the first part of the week the trade winds were MIA and that was a little tough: weather report 87掳 but feels like 105掳.)

    1. I also liked Kauai a lot, have you seen there many chickens? 馃槈
      But I guess the Big Island was the best for me 馃檪

    1. Yeah, I know, it’s not nearby, but from to time, there are good flight offers to Hawaii, so who knows! 馃槈

    1. thanks! oh yes, it’s always very difficult, but I’d like to stay with 1 inspiring picture a day 馃檪

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