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 Waimea Canyon, Kauai
Waimea Canyon, Kauai

Today, I’m showing you the last picture from Hawaiian Islands this month. This time, it’s Kauai Island. It’s somehow funny that this island is full of chickens. 馃榾 Mongooses, chickens’ enemy, weren’t introduced to Kauai, so don’t be surprise when chickens walk in your hotel. 馃檪

In Kauai you can also find Waimea Canyon (today’s photo), that is also called ”The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”.


Dzisiaj ju偶 ostatnie zdj臋cie z Hawaj贸w. Tym razem, jest to wyspa Kauai i co ciekawe s艂ynie ona z obecno艣ci kurczak贸w! 馃榾 Mangusty – naturalny wr贸g kurczak贸w, nie zosta艂y wprowadzone na Kauai, st膮d nie nale偶y si臋 dziwi膰 gdy zobaczymy kury biegaj膮ce po naszym hotelu. 馃槈

Oczywi艣cie nikt nie jedzie na Kauai, 偶eby zobaczy膰 kury. 馃槈 Jest tam kilka uroczych miejsc! Bardzo polecam wybra膰 si臋 do Kanionu Waimea (na zdj臋ciu), kt贸ry jest nazywany “Wielkim Kanionem Pacyfiku”.

22 thoughts on “USA – Kauai”

  1. Niiice 馃檪 I would like to pet a chicken and I even know someone that I can ask for advice 馃槢 馃槈

    1. 馃檪
      Thanks for visiting and commenting! I saw in Kauai a few beautiful birds, but the story about chickens is just funny 馃榾

  2. Traveling in mind or by foot, rail, or any other means is always an adventure of heart and soul. You have certainly done most of the above in this very exciting blog. Thank you for this wonderful visit to these beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Eddie

  3. We visited Kauai and Waimea Canyon for the first time earlier this year and I have thought of it almost every day! I would love to return. And weren’t the hens and roosters just the funniest things! You put a smile on my face this morning…I’d still like to return. 馃檪

    1. Thank you for your nice comment! I hope you return to Kauai soon! Currently, we have ugly, grey and cloudy days, so I’d like to be there as well 馃槈

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