Malta – When to travel?


I think, spring or fall are the best periods to visit Malta.
Summer may be too hot and too crowded, however, it still can be very pleasant.

I was in Malta in winter, in February. A few Maltese people said that it’s usually colder in February, so I guess, I was lucky with the weather. However, there were some cloudy moments. In general, there is much more rain in winter, but during my trip, it wasn’t raining at all.

Malta – Why to travel to Malta?


Malta is a popular tourist destination, I think, it’s even getting more and more popular.

But is Malta worth visiting?
-Absolutely, it is!

What’s so special about Malta?
-Megalithic temples are the most interesting sites of Malta! They are considered as one of the oldest free-standing structures in the world.
Malta is a nice place for holidays, especially during the shoulder or low season, then you can enjoy everything without crowds.

Malta – Comino Island

Malta Island, Malta

Comino Island (Kemmuna, Ephaestia) is the smallest from the three Malta’s inhabited islands. It’s called as an inhabited island, however there are only a few people living there! What’s interesting, there is even a hotel in Comino Island, so you can stay overnight.

I haven’t been to Comino Island during my trip to Malta, maybe one day…
Have you been there?

Malta – Gozo Island

Gozo Island, Malta

Gozo Island (Għawdex, Gaulos) is one of the three Malta’s inhabited islands.
It’s about 4 times smaller than Malta Islands. It’s also calmer, less touristic and less developed than Malta Island; well, it’s just different!
Many people go to Gozo Island by their own boat, or by boat from Malta Island.