Sri Lanka – Atamasthana

Jethavanaramaya Dagaba, Sri Lanka

Atamasthana are eight sacred places in Sri Lanka.
They are connected with the Buddha’s visit to the island.

The eight places are:
Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi,
Ruwanweli Dagaba,
Thuparamaya Dagaba,
Mirisawetiya Dagaba,
Lankarama Dagaba,
Abhayagiri Dagaba,
Lova Maha Paya,
and Jethavanaramaya Dagaba (today’s picture).
They are situated in Anuradhapura.

Sri Lanka – Horton Plains National Park

Sri Lanka – Horton Plains National Park

Horton Plains National Park is a lovely area with rich flora and fauna.
It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
When I think about Sri Lanka in general, the Horton Plains National Park somehow doesn’t fit to my image; of course it’s part of sri Lanka, but also something that you may not called as “Sri Lankan”. 😉

And, in the Horton, you’ll find a toilet with such a nice view;
ok a bit cloudy…
and yes, no glasses in this windows. 😉

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