Oman – Climate

Jug monument, Oman
Jug monument, Oman

Oman has one of the hottest climates in the world, and receives little rainfall; in mountain area there is a bit different climate with more rain.
But in general temperatures around 50 C (120 F) in a hot season (from May to September) are not unusual.
So I wasn’t surprised to see in Oman many different jug monuments. At the end, who doesn’t dream about water when it’s so extremely hot? 🙂


Klimat panujący w Omanie należy do jednych z najgorętszych na świecie, z małą ilością opadów. W górach sytuacja wygląda troszeczkę inaczej i tam pada deszcz od czasu do czasu. Jednak nikogo nie dziwią temperatury około 50 C występujące od maja do września.
Mnie natomiast nie zdziwiła duża ilość pomników przedstawiających rozmaite dzbanki, któż nie marzy o wodzie gdy panuje taki skwar? 🙂

38 thoughts on “Oman – Climate”

  1. That’s beautiful! However, as a pale-skinned Scot who burns instantly and wilts in anything over 20C I think I’m unlikely ever to see it myself! So thanks for showing it to me.

  2. Może i dziwne te pomniczki, ale jeśli wszystkie wyglądają tak ładnie, jak ten, to może nimi być pokryty cały Oman jak dla mnie 😀

  3. Very beautiful photo!

    Temperatures as high as 50 degrees sound like hell to me. I remember the news talking about melting roads in India when the temperature was that high. Do they have similar problems in Oman? What season did you go there?

    1. I think it’s easier with roads, when the temperatures are always high; I always had the impression it’s more problematic with a continental climate, so temperatures from about minus 30C up to +30C.

  4. Temperatures of 50 degrees would seem unbearable to people from cooler climes, like me. But the jug monument looks attractive, and a reminder of such a valuable resource as water.

    1. Thank you! I agree with you!
      And especially when I travel, colder is better 😉

  5. The jug picture is so nice. I love to see them and I have pictures of them in a cart in turkey, lying by a pathway in Israel and on a wall in Italy. They make the greatest pictures.

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