England – Stonehenge

England – Stonehenge

I remember a long time ago, reading about Stonehenge.
And somehow I thought Stonehenge doesn’t exist any more.
Well, it sounded so extraordinary, and children may easily get a wrong impression.
Anyway, I was quite fascinated by the place and thought it would be amazing to see it!

And, one day, I convinced 2 of my friends to go there, and a child’s dream came true. 🙂

Stonehenge, a ring of standing stones, was probably constructed around 2,500 BC. It’s still not clear who built it, when, and why.

Check the English Heritage website for more information.

One thought on “England – Stonehenge”

  1. A shared dream 🙂 I remember writing an essay for my English course about it when I was 13-14 and wanting to visit it so much one day.

    I was totally mind blown 🙂

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