England – Final Impression

Leeds Castle, England

Goodbye England!
Today, I’m showing you the last picture of this month.
How did you like my England series?
Maybe one day England with new places will be again on my blog; there is still lots to see.
For sure, I’ll show you in future London and other countries/territories of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

And tomorrow, we’re starting a trip in a warm, tourist destination. 🙂
Stay tuned!

England – Winchester Round Table

Winchester, England

Winchester Castle or the Great Hall is a must-see place in Winchester.
You’ll find there so-called Winchester Round Table or a medieval replica of King Arthur’s Round Table (seen in the picture).
The oak table is form the 13th century, but its paintwork was done later.
The tabletop measures 5.5 meters in diameter and weighs 1200 kg.

England – Salisbury Cathedral

England – Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral was built in the 12th century.
I’m not sure, is Salisbury a very well known tourist destination.
I think, there are many cathedral cities/towns in England or in the United Kingdom, and all of them are nice and worth visiting! 🙂