Germany – Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Germany
Heidelberg, Germany

If someone asks me to recommend only one city in Germany, my answer is Heidelberg. If you visited Heidelberg – do you agree with me? If you haven’t been there so far, just go there. 🙂

Heidelberg is not so big, but you’ll find there many attractions. City is very charming, nicely located by river, surrounded by mountains and there is a castle. Does it sound tempting?


Jeżeli ktoś mnie pyta, które niemieckie miasto warto odwiedzić – odpowiadam Heidelberg. Jeżeli zwiedziliście Heidelberg – zgodzicie się ze mną? Jeżeli jeszcze tam nie byliście – pojedźcie aby się przekonać. 🙂

Heidelberg nie jest tak duży jak Berlin czy Monachium, ale oferuje wiele atrakcji. Samo miasto jest urocze, z wieloma ciekawymi uliczkami. Heidelberg leży nad rzeką, jest otoczony górami, a na jednym ze wzgórz wznosi się zamek. Brzmi to zachęcająco?

40 thoughts on “Germany – Heidelberg”

    1. Indeed, Bamberg is also very nice, however I have a bit worse memories, because of the rain 😉

  1. Yes, Heidelberg is lovely. I found the apothecary fascinating and my husband went out from Heidelberg to climb several castle ruins along the river. This is a wonderful photo of the castle. Our twelve year old son was happy because there was a McDonald’s with milkshakes.

    1. That’s true, old university, Max Planck institutes – perfect place for doing science 🙂

  2. Heidelberg is very beautiful I agree !! If I would have to give suggestion for a city-town though I would say: Go to Rothenburg ob der Tauber and eat a schneeball (snowball).

    Very nice picture of the bridge!!

    1. It’ll appear later on my blog, as the most charming town 🙂
      I chose Heidelberg here, because it’s bigger and there is more to do.

  3. Heidelberg is a city with a long history and bursting with culture. Great place, great photo.

  4. This is the city you mentioned to me last Christmas, regarding the Christmas Market there. I think summer would be fabulous there, too, from what you say here and your lovely photo. ?

  5. Thanks for the recommendation. It is tempting. It looks beautiful. It would be nice if someday I’ll be able to travel there. Love the photo. 🙂

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