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Jaipur, India

Yesterday, I mentioned that English is widely spoken in India. It’s actually one of the official languages, together with Hindi. Well, Hindi is the main language, and English is like an additional language for government, business or education.

What’s interesting, each state in India can have its own official language, and there apparently over 100 major languages plus many many more “minor” ones.

p.s. Today’s picture was taken in Jaipur. You know, I’m an astrophysicist, so when I see words “astrology” and “research institute” written together, I’m speechless… 🙁

4 thoughts on “India – Language”

  1. When i met while traveling, I said “Namasute”to India ppl.
    They said “???”!!!
    There are many orijinal languages in India!!:D

  2. It’s interesting to read English is the language of commerce, education and government. Would you say languages such as Hindi are languages of the heart, e.g. languages for family, friends, culture, etc?

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