New Zealand – Hobbiton

Hobbiton, New Zealand
Hobbiton, New Zealand

When I visited Hobbiton Movie Site, I simply wanted to stay there forever and live in one of the cute houses. Everything is surrounded by green fields full of sheep. Marvellous. Hey, where is Gandalf? 馃槈

Someone may say, this place nearby Matamata is just artificial and commercialised. Well probably it is, but in relation to others it kept a literally “down-to-earth” atmosphere. 馃槈 For me, it’s a beautiful place, and I can recommend it to everyone.


Po odwiedzeniu Hobbitonu, filmowej wioski zamieszka艂ej przez Hobbity, chcia艂am tam zosta膰 na zawsze i zamieszka膰 z jednym z uroczych domk贸w! Ca艂a okolica jest prze艣liczna, zielone wzg贸rza pe艂ne owiec, po prostu czas tam p艂ynie inaczej. 馃檪

Pewnie niekt贸rzy uwa偶aj膮 to miejsce w pobli偶u Matamata, za sztuczne i komercyjne. W pewnym sensie takie te偶 ono jest, jednak czasami nie da si臋 tego unikn膮膰. Wed艂ug mnie jest tam 艣licznie i ka偶demu b臋d臋 je poleca膰! 馃檪

53 thoughts on “New Zealand – Hobbiton”

  1. Beautiful! I’m just over the straight here in Australia so I’m hoping I have the chance to visit NZ soon! Lovely photo, I love that everything I see about NZ appears so pure!

  2. I’ve been on a hunt for a cheap flight to New Zealanf specifically to visit Hobbiton. Although I confess that I’m not a big LOTR fan, it seems like such a beautiful spot that I really want to see for myself. Until then, I’ll drool over the photos I’ve been seeing!

  3. Nie ma znaczenia, w jaki spos贸b powsta艂a ta wioska. Najwa偶niejsze, ze to miejsce odnalezione dla Hobbit贸w 馃檪 Gdzie艣 ten 艣wiat musia艂 istnie膰, a NZ to idealne miejsce 馃檪

    1. ja nie jestem super wielkim fanem, ale czyta艂am i ogl膮da艂am, jednak najbardziej mnie zauroczy艂a nowozelandzka przyroda 馃榾

  4. I would love to visit the Hobbiton Movie Site myself. After watching the Lord of the Rings most people I know would like to see the sites where it was filmed. Great picture!

  5. We enjoyed the photo !!!!
    It is a very beautiful place !!! Very homely !!!!
    Here at home, we enjoyed the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, so that our brother called Bilbo !!!Hehehehe…..
    A meow of Frida and Sofia

  6. Looks like such a cool experience! I’d also love to visit. Beautiful picture… seems that the houses aren’t the only thing to enjoy when you visit. What amazing scenery!

  7. I loved it too – but had to sign a paper not to show pictures from it because of the new movie being released. I think that must be the reason to why I never posted much on Hobbiton. A magical place!

    1. oh, maybe you can do it now?
      Totally agree, it’s a magical place. Why we cannot live in such cute houses? 馃槈

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