Russia – Introduction

Caucasus Mountains, Russia

Welcome to Russia!
October on my blog is going to be all about the Russian Federation.

Since many years, Russia has been a controversial country (because of different reasons). I know people who doesn’t want to go there because of political reasons. On the other hand, it’s still a very interesting country.
I’ll show you places that I’ve visited in Russia, and, as always, I will try to skip politics but will mention some historical facts.

Have you been to Russia? What’s your favorite place in Russia?

8 thoughts on “Russia – Introduction”

    1. Indeed, it’s a while ago, I’m sure many things changed a lot, but also some stayed as they were…
      Are you thinking about going there again?

  1. Russia…. is so big and plenty of weirid, strange and normal things, beautiful and ugly, poor and rich, behind the times and very modern… Hmmm, I am afraid that Russia is a country so full of contradictions that everyone can say everything and it will be true.
    Salutuję niedzielnie z Toskanii 🙂
    Abbracci forte forte

  2. I have never been there and have no particular desire to go, mainly (as you can quess) for historical reasons. But I am all the more glad that you decided to travel there so through your eyes and excellent photographs I can experience Russia to great extent. Thanks 🙂

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