China – Cuisine

I hope nobody will be upset by this, but that’s a well known joke about Chinese cuisine…
It says that a table is the only thing with 4 legs that Chinese don’t eat.
Well, there are also other countries where people eat many “strange things”.

Anyway, for me, more interesting were some flavours…
The girl in the picture is eating ice cream that tastes like green pea,
and there are even green peas inside…
In China, I bought, by accident (!), green peas and kidney beans ice creams;
they both had beans inside;
I was really disappointed by my mistake…

China – Introduction

Welcome to China.
Based on the current situation, it’s not the best choice for this month, but let’s try.
I’ll show you pictures from my past trips to China.
I don’t recommend to travel to China now, but at some point, everything should get better and then you come back to my travel inspirations. 🙂

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