Malaysia – Petronas Twin Towers KL

Malaysia – Petronas Twin Towers KL

Petronas Towers are famous twin skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur.
For a few years, it was the tallest building in the world.
I’m not a fan of skyscrapers, but if you are – visit the Petronas Towers;
they’re interesting buildings.
It almost felt to me, that not visiting Petronas Twin Towers is like not being in Kuala Lumpur at all…

China – Cuisine

I hope nobody will be upset by this, but that’s a well known joke about Chinese cuisine…
It says that a table is the only thing with 4 legs that Chinese don’t eat.
Well, there are also other countries where people eat many “strange things”.

Anyway, for me, more interesting were some flavours…
The girl in the picture is eating ice cream that tastes like green pea,
and there are even green peas inside…
In China, I bought, by accident (!), green peas and kidney beans ice creams;
they both had beans inside;
I was really disappointed by my mistake…

Thailand – Geysers nearby Chiang Mai

Geysers nearby Chiang Mai, Thailand

Geysers nearby Chiang MaOn today’s picture you can see a small geyser, protected with a fence.
There are some hot springs and geysers in Chiang Mai province‎.
As in similar places around the world, locals boil eggs “in the geyser” and sell them to tourists. 🙂

Thailand – Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, with its nearby attractions, is one of the most interesting places for tourists in Thailand.
Of course, foreigners go to Bangkok or islands and it’s also fine, but I think Chiang Mai offers much more.

Thailand – Bridge on the River Kwai

“Bridge on the River Kwai”, Thailand

“Bridge on the River Kwai” is a title of a fictional British-American war film, that was based on the novel by Pierre Boulle.
It has a very characteristic song that’s whistled in a movie several times.
You can see that bridge in Thailand.
Well, it may be nothing special, but I remember this song from my childhood, because my father was whistling it very often, so I really wanted to see that bridge. 🙂

Thailand – Floating Market

Floating Market, Thailand

Visiting floating markets is one of a must-do while being in Thailand.
Even it’s something very touristic, it’s still an interesting experience to see the market located on the boats, while being on a boat.

Thailand – Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai, Thailand

Chiang Rai has a few tourist attractions, but I still recommend to focus just on the White Temple (Wat Rong Khun). Well, some people may say it’s a beautiful temple, but “creepy” is also a good description.
Anyway, it’s something unique and worth visiting.

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