Curacao – Final impression


Today we’re leaving Curaçao.
I hope you liked my pictures, at leats some of them;
I don’t expect anyone likes photos of sad, dirty beaches.

Curaçao is a nice island.
Go there is you have a chance.
And definitely you should go there if you live in the Netherlands! 🙂

Curacao – Willemstad Street Art

Curacao – Willemstad

And one more picture showing colorful streets of Willemstad.
Of course, some of my pictures show rich and others poorer areas of the city. Still, all of them are very colorful and have its own charm.

Curacao – Willemstad Streets


Other colorful streets of Willemstad.

p.s. I’m not sure were those houses on renovation when I was visiting Curaçao years ago; maybe now everything look completely different?
In my memory, entire Willemstad is full of colours.

Curacao – Cruise Ships

Curacao – Cruise Ships

When I was in Curaçao, cruise ships were visiting the island from time to time.
You could see it immediately, because suddenly the calm places were becoming busy and noisy.

Curacao – Crab

Curacao – Crabs

I remember looking at the sea and seeing my “first” crab in Curaçao.
It was something like that:
-Oh crab.
Oh, another one.
Wait, crabs are everywhere! Wow! 🙂

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