France – Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty, Paris, France

The famous Statue of Liberty can be found not only in New York; actually you can find its replica in many places around the world, but France is the one where you should really search for it.
-Well, France gave the Statue of Liberty to the USA. So in Paris, you can find a few smaller versions of this “French statue”. 🙂

France – Paris

Paris, France

Does everyone want to visit Paris?

I wanted to go to Paris when I was a child. Later, when I had to travel many times to Paris, I wasn’t so excited any more. But, I found its charm and now I have my favorite places in Paris, and like to visit the city a lot.

So take a good pair of shoes and walk a lot, behave more like a local not like a tourist, eat some delicious foods and visit the Towers of Notre Dame.
And simply enjoy Paris! Don’t follow the crowds. 😉
Take it easy, it’s a nice city. 🙂

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