France – Final impression

The Alps, France

I spent lots of time in France and it’s one of the most-explored by me European countries.
And I still like it, and cannot wait to visit France again. 🙂
And, I’m sure, you’ll see France on my blog again, one day, or rather one month.

How did you like my travel impressions in January?

Tomorrow, we’re moving to the warmer place.
Stay tuned. 🙂

France – Rouen

Rouen, France

Rouen (and its cathedral) is maybe the most known from the paintings of Monet.
And I think, it’s a good reason to visit the city. 🙂
I went to Rouen in December, and was a bit surprised by snow, lots of snow… so, I decided to not show you the beautiful Rouen cathedral, but the snowy day. 🙂