France – Final impression

The Alps, France

I spent lots of time in France and it’s one of the most-explored by me European countries.
And I still like it, and cannot wait to visit France again. 🙂
And, I’m sure, you’ll see France on my blog again, one day, or rather one month.

How did you like my travel impressions in January?

Tomorrow, we’re moving to the warmer place.
Stay tuned. 🙂

France – Cuisine

Montpellier , France

French cuisine is considered as very delicious.
What are the French dishes that first come to your mind?
-I’d say, baguette, cheese and wine are the most famous French single “products”.
Then, there is lots of sweets, e.g., macaron or creme brûlée.
I fell in love with tarte, both sweet and savoury.
When you go to France, enjoy and celebrate your meals, you’ll find lots of great options.

France – Mont-Saint-Michel

Mont-Saint-Michel, France

Mont-Saint-Michel is an island with a monastery and abbey, located in Normandy.
It’s an amazing place, no wonder it’s listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When I was a child, my grandmother was telling me about her visit to the Mont-Saint-Michel and since that time I wanted to go there as well.
And I wasn’t disappointed by it at all; it’s stunning and very impressive.
It’s also interesting to visit the Mont-Saint-Michel twice, to experience different tides.

France – Mer de Glace glacier

Mer de Glace glacier in 2007, France

In the French Alps, you’ll find amazing glaciers, one of them is called Mer de Glace.
Go there to see the lovely scenery, but also “experience” how it’s melting and shrinking… 🙁 You can compare the current view with the older pictures, and the difference is sadly huge…

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