United Arab Emirates – Air Condition

United Arab Emirates – Dubai

I was in Dubai in June, i.e., in a very hot season.
So I was really happy to realise that air conditioners are almost everywhere; even bus stops have air con! 😉

4 thoughts on “United Arab Emirates – Air Condition”

  1. Thanks for sharing, always precious 🙂

    Although relieving from all the heat, A/C units contribute a lot to the environmental issues we are facing, let alone health issues. Thus hot countries should use some moderation using them.

  2. Hello there, as the other reader Evgenia said, those A/C units contribute a lot to the environmental issues, but it is really cold to live without them… I noticed that they are usually set to put out a VERY cold breeze… maybe they should moderate 🙂

    1. Of course, I agree with you and Evgenia!
      As a tourist, it’s good to know about the place that gives you some relief ;), but in general, the environment and ecology are more important for me.
      You can check one of my previous posts about the UAE:
      where I wrote:
      “After visiting the UAE, you get an impression it’s a country that likes to win and lead.
      You’ll find there many “things” that can be describe as “the biggest”, “the tallest”, “the most fancy” etc.

      Dear Emirates, you have some power!
      Please show the world how to become the most ecological country!
      Give an example to everyone, show it’s possible! “

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