USA – Introduction

Bald eagle
Bald eagle

Today, as always at the beginning of a new month I will start with a new country on my blog. The United States of America is a dream destination of many. Some people want to go there hoping to start a better life, others dream of visiting New York City, the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone.

I first went to the USA on a business trip, to the amazing astronomical observatory in Hawaii. And soon after I flew again to the States, but that time not for stars, but landscapes. 馃檪

For my first picture, I chose this one showing a bald eagle. Why did I choose the bald eagle? It’s the national bird of the United States. 馃檪

We met this beautiful eagle in Wyoming.


Z nowym miesi膮cem pojawia si臋 nowy kraj na moim blogu. W pa藕dzierniku przenosimy si臋 do Stan贸w Zjednoczonych Ameryki P贸艂nocnej. Jest to pa艅stwo, kt贸re dla wielu wydaje si臋 by膰 wymarzonym miejscem, inni chc膮 odwiedzi膰 Nowy Jork albo park Yellowstone czy Wielki Kanion.

Moja pierwsza przygoda z USA zwi膮zana by艂a z podr贸偶膮 s艂u偶bow膮 do obserwatorium astronomicznego, cudownie ulokowanego na Hawajach. Maj膮c nareszcie wiz臋, kr贸tko po mojej pierwszej wizycie, zaplanowa艂am wakacje w Stanach. Tym razem nie my艣l膮c o gwiazdach, a o cudownej przyrodzie kt贸ra czeka na mnie. 馃檪

Jako pierwsze zdj臋cie w tym miesi膮cu, chcia艂am Wam pokaza膰 tego pi臋knego bielika ameryka艅skiego, kt贸rego spotkali艣my w Wyoming. To jeden z narodowych symboli USA, wi臋c zas艂uguje aby pojawi膰 si臋 w dzisiejszym po艣cie. 馃槈

26 thoughts on “USA – Introduction”

    1. We saw it twice, but only that time we’re so close to it. Maybe they’re more active at the mornings and evenings?

  1. Such a nice bird!

    And just sitting on a power cable. This habit of many birds is quite dangerous and unfortunately many times fatal …

    I am looking forward to your photo journey this month 馃檪

    1. yes, it’s the best view point for them…

      I hope you won’t be disappointed! 馃檪

  2. If you are going to see two states, Hawaii and Wyoming are certainly two beauties. 馃檪

    1. I absolutely agree, they are!
      I visited USA 2 and 3 years ago, and this month on my blog I show everyday pictures from my trips. And for sure, you’ll see pictures from these 2 states – so please visit my blog, again this month. 馃檪

      Have a nice day! 馃檪

    1. Later in October, I’ll show a few pictures from Hawaii! 馃檪 There are some amazing places 馃槈

    1. Zapraszam, zapraszam! 馃檪 Mam nadziej臋, 偶e kilka zdj臋膰 zainspiruje do podr贸偶y do USA! 馃檪

    1. You can open this picture in a new tap, then it’s bigger. I didn’t want to crop this photo, to show more or less that this eagle was really nearby us. 馃檪

  3. It is very beautiful this eagle !!!
    We are really enjoying getting to know the USA !!!!
    A meow of Frida and Sofia

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