New Zealand – Penguins

Little blue penguins, New Zealand
Little blue penguins, New Zealand

In New Zealand, it’s possible to encounter my favorite animal – penguins. On the two main islands you have good chances to observe them including one endemic species – the yellow-eyed penguins.

However on small islands (e.g., Fiordlands) in New Zealand, you have to try much harder to get some endemic penguin species in front of your lens. It’s complicated, simply because you may approach them only with guidance, and only by boat since walking on these islands is forbidden.

Today you can see the smallest penguin species, called Little Blue Penguin or Fairy Penguin, isn’t it a cute name? 馃檪 In New Zealand, you’ll find them e.g., nearby Oamaru. If you’re in Australia, you can also try to find them there! 馃檪


W Nowej Zelandii mo偶na spotka膰 moje ulubione zwierzaki – pingwiny! 馃檪

Na dw贸ch g艂贸wnych wyspach stosunkowo 艂atwo spotka膰 dwa gatunki: pingwina ma艂ego i 偶贸艂tookiego.
Ale to nie wszystko! Na kilku bardzo po艂udniowych, ma艂ych wysepkach (np. Fiordlands) mieszkaj膮 endemiczne dla Nowej Zelandii gatunki pingwin贸w. 呕eby je zobaczy膰 nale偶y wybra膰 si臋 na rejs dooko艂a wysepek. Wst臋p na te wiele z tych wysp jest zabroniony, ale z dala te偶 mo偶na podziwia膰 zwierzaki!

Na dzisiejszym zdj臋ciu widzicie dwa pingwiny ma艂e – to nazwa najmniejszego gatunku pingwina. Po angielsku cz臋sto si臋 m贸wi “pingwin ba艣niowy” – czy偶 nie jest to urocza nazwa?
Pingwina ma艂ego mo偶na znale藕膰 mi臋dzy innymi niedaleko Oamaru oraz u s膮siad贸w – w Australii.

40 thoughts on “New Zealand – Penguins”

  1. I’m enjoying my virtual tour of New Zealand through you. When I was a child living in Victoria, Australia, we visited the fairy penguins on Philip Island. It’s one of my treasured memories watching them waddle up the beach to their burrows. In those days we just plonked down on the sand wrapped in blankets to wait. Torchlight shone at the shore break caught the front runners as they made a break for the dunes. So special. Now its quite a production to view them I believe, for their protection and preservation. A good thing.

    1. Thank you so much for this interesting comment! I was in Australia, and saw them, but in Tasmania. I’ll check Philip Island next time! 馃檪
      It was nice in Tasmania, but nothing can beat my “penguin-experience” from the Falklands…
      You may check my pictures from April, there are many penguins in them 馃檪

  2. It sounds as though you found your haven, Rockhopper! To be with your favourite animal must have been great for you. The Little Blue/Fairy Penguins are lovely. And I agree, the name is perfect. ?

    1. I was familiar with English name, and when I realised in Polish it’s just called “Little Penguin”, I was a bit disappointed… 馃槈

    1. I think, they’re just proportionally smaller, because they’re still great swimmers; tiny and cute swimmers 馃檪

    1. Thank you for correcting! That’s actually what I meant – just wanted to give a a name to know where to search on a map 馃槈
      Some of the penguin species, like Fiordland crested penguin, is now my motivation to visit New Zealand again 馃檪

  3. In Australia we call them 鈥楩airy Penguins鈥 and they are so cute you can see how they got the name. If you want to guarantee seeing them in Oz by far the best place is Phillip Island. It is a bit commercial but the penguins come in by their hundreds and you get a great view. King Island, at the right time of year is also fantastic for penguins but it is harder to get to. On King Island you can see them without any crowds.

    1. Thank you for commenting!
      I’ll keep these two islands in mind. I was in Australia, and saw them only in Tasmania.

  4. 呕eby je zobaczy膰 nale偶y wybra膰 si臋 na rejs dooko艂a wysepek. Wst臋p na te wiele z tych wysp jest zabroniony, ale z dala te偶 mo偶na podziwia膰 zwierzaki! Where is this information?

    1. Wiele z tych wysepek znajduje si臋 daleko, daleko na po艂udniu i raczej niewiele os贸b tam dociera. Niekt贸rzy m贸wi膮, 偶e to wysepki w drodze na Antarktyd臋.

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