England – Final Impression

Leeds Castle, England

Goodbye England!
Today, I’m showing you the last picture of this month.
How did you like my England series?
Maybe one day England with new places will be again on my blog; there is still lots to see.
For sure, I’ll show you in future London and other countries/territories of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

And tomorrow, we’re starting a trip in a warm, tourist destination. 🙂
Stay tuned!

England – Best Time for Traveling

London, England

To continue my post from yesterday; I had a chance to visit different parts of the United Kingdom during all seasons. Each time may be charming, each time may be dark and rainy.
My favorite seasons for visiting the United Kingdom is spring or early autumn, but some places may be more convenient during summer.

England – Introduction

Leeds Castle, England

Welcome to England!
Yes, that’s correct, this month is not going to be about the entire country i.e., the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but “only” about England – the country in the country.

There are so many differences between all countries, islands etc. within the United Kingdom, so I decided to have a separate month about each of them that I’ve visited.

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