Poland – Jellyfish

Jellyfish , Poland

You may meet jellyfish in the Baltic sea.
Mostly, they are completely not harmful to people.
But there is also a kind of sea jellies in the Baltic Sea that you should avoid, however it’s very unlikely to see it.

When I was a child, everyone was saying, thet “our” jellyfish are not harmful; it’s almost always the case; but it doesn’t mean 100%.

Poland – Baltic Sea

Baltic Sea, Poland

The Baltic Sea (called by a few countries as “East Sea”) is a sea enclosed by 9 European countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Russia, and Sweden.

Poland – Summer


Summer in Poland should be hot, sunny with thunder storms from time to time. 😉
Well, it can be also rainy and not nice; difficult to predict…

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