Israel & Palestinian Territories – Religion

in Jerusalem

And today, the last post, where I explain why this month is different from all others on my blog.
Each month, I often mention what’s the dominant religion of a given place, because it’s determine the character of a given country/territory and also helps to undertand why the place is like it is.

This month, I want to avoid this! Of course, I’ll show you many religious buildings, but from the tourist point of view, that’s all.

Israel & Palestinian Territories – Palestine

Palestine is a geographic region.
There is also a territory occupied by Israel called Palestine or the State of Palestine; that includes the West Bank and Gaza Strip with East Jerusalem.
Palestinian Territories or Occupied Palestinian Territories also mean the West Bank and Gaza Strip with East Jerusalem.
And then, in between and around, is Israel.

It’s complicated, let’s leave it like it is,
tomorrow, one more confusing information.

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