India – Sacred animals


In a few religions, e.g., in Hinduism, cattle are considered as sacred animals.
(Apparently, in ancient time, e.g., in Greece or Rome, people had similar beliefs. I guess, cattle were so important animals, useful in many works, thus killing it didn’t make any sense.)

Hinduism is the main religion in India, so cows are sacred there and people don’t eat beef. You can also find in India many cows walking everywhere around (like in today’s picture).

India – Religion


Hinduism is the most popular religion in India.
I guess everyone (somehow) heard about Hinduism, even without knowing it; yoga, karma, reincarnation etc., all come from Hinduism.

I have the (wrong!) impression, that Hinduism is the religion of everyone from India. Actually, less than 20% of the population are Islam followers. Taking into account the total population of India, this 20% is quite a large number!
There are also smaller numbers of other religions followers.

What’s interesting – the Constitution of India has declared freedom of religion as a fundamental right.

India – Poverty


India is a very poor country and many people live under horrible conditions.
Sadly, you can easily see it while visiting India.
Before I went to India, I heard that “people die on the streets in India”. And it’s so true… I saw many poor people and sick animals on the streets. They’re there and nobody seems to care…

India – Caste system


Tradition, culture and religion have very strong influence on everyday life in India.
E.g., the caste system (“social classes/hierarchy”) it still very vivid, even it originates from an ancient India.
Generalizing, everywhere in the world rich people have “easier life” than poor ones; however, in India, this discrimination is much stronger. Even my colleague (from India) told me that her parents don’t accept her marriage, because her family is richer than the family of her husband.

India – Technology


Today, another “hi-tech” picture from India (a payphone). 😉
I’m sure, tourists may have lots of fun hunting (with a camera) for similar “items”. At the end, India is a country with an impressive economic growth, and sooner or later a new technology will take a place over the old one. I’m curious how it’s going to look like in 10 or 20 years, maybe places like from today’s or yesterday’s picture will not exist any more…

India – Modern India


India is a huge country of many faces, with extremely rich as well as extremely poor people.
And it’s not difficult to find places in India where you have the impression you’re back in time or the time stopped and you’re in “x” year (just everyone has a mobile phone 😉 ).

What do you think about today’s picture? – It presents not the most modern place (hairdresser)… Would you like to have your haircut done here?

India – Language

Jaipur, India

Yesterday, I mentioned that English is widely spoken in India. It’s actually one of the official languages, together with Hindi. Well, Hindi is the main language, and English is like an additional language for government, business or education.

What’s interesting, each state in India can have its own official language, and there apparently over 100 major languages plus many many more “minor” ones.

p.s. Today’s picture was taken in Jaipur. You know, I’m an astrophysicist, so when I see words “astrology” and “research institute” written together, I’m speechless… 🙁

India – British Empire

Jodhpur, India

In years from 1858 to 1947, India was a British colony or a part of the British Empire, and used to be called the British Raj.
About 100 years of the British rule changed some aspects in India (in a negative as well as in a positive way). What’s mostly visible today, it’s an English language widely spoken by citizens (well… with a characteristic accent). Cricket is another “British remains” in India and nowadays it’s actually the most popular sport in India!

What “British” comes to your mind when you think about India?

India – Republic of India

Agra, India

India is officially called as the Republic of India.
It’s one of the largest countries and the second-most populous country in the world.

On today’s picture, you see a part of the long queue – people waiting to enter famous Taj Mahal. It’s one of the biggest touristic attractions of India, so no wonder it’s very crowded. But in general, it’s a bit difficult to be alone in India (or China).

India – Introduction


Welcome in May on my blog! 🙂
This month is going to be all about India.
Have you ever been to India or this country is on your list, or maybe you don’t want to go there?
Let me know your impressions or imaginations. I’m curious what you think, because people often have very strong feelings about India – love it or hate it; think it’s a colorful place or very dirty; etc.
I’ll try to show you in May (relatively) objective pictures taken in India. Stay tuned! 🙂

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