Northern Cyprus – Final impression

Northern Cyprus

Today, I’m showing you my last picture from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
I hope, you liked some of the pictures. 🙂

I don’t want to have politics on the travel blog, so I try to avoid this topic as much as possible, just giving you basic information. I decided to show you Cyprus and North Cyprus separately, because both parts are kind of treated like different “countries”; and tourists face different restrictions while visiting them.

Tomorrow, we’ll travel south. 🙂
Stay tuned!

Northern Cyprus – Rent a Car

Northern Cyprus

For visiting Cyprus, it’s very convenient to rent a car.
There are some restrictions, because of the insurance, and it’s not always possible to visit North Cyprus by car from the South. When you rent a car in the North, then you are not allowed to go South.
However, rules may change, so check everything shortly before traveling.

Northern Cyprus – Shipwreck Museum in Kyrenia

Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus

Shipwreck Museum is also a must-visit place in Kyrenia.
You’ll see there a ship from the period of the Hellenistic kingdoms founded after the death of Alexander; so something very old and very unique! Highly recommend!