Northern Cyprus – Rent a Car

Northern Cyprus

For visiting Cyprus, it’s very convenient to rent a car.
There are some restrictions, because of the insurance, and it’s not always possible to visit North Cyprus by car from the South. When you rent a car in the North, then you are not allowed to go South.
However, rules may change, so check everything shortly before traveling.

Northern Cyprus – Shipwreck Museum in Kyrenia

Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus

Shipwreck Museum is also a must-visit place in Kyrenia.
You’ll see there a ship from the period of the Hellenistic kingdoms founded after the death of Alexander; so something very old and very unique! Highly recommend!

Northern Cyprus – Is it Safe?

Northern Cyprus

The other question that may come immediately to mind:
is it safe in Northern Cyprus?
-It is safe.
It’s not like e.g., North and South Korea.
Anyway, I still recommend to check the current situation before visiting Northern Cyprus,
things may change, rules may change.

Northern Cyprus – Why This Place on My Blog?

Northern Cyprus

If Northern Cyprus is not a “real country”, why do I have a month about it on my blog?
Well, I visited the whole island of Cyprus, and both, southern and northern parts are very interesting for tourists. I also felt it would be a bit unfair to describe northern part while talking about the Republic of Cyprus.

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