England – The City of London

London, England

Have you heard that London is actually not the same as the City of London?

If you are curios what the City of London is, check youtube, there are some interesting short movies explaining it.

I don’t want to talk about London this month.
London is such a unique and big city, so I’ll have one day a separate month only about London.

Stay tuned. 🙂

England – Best Time for Traveling

London, England

To continue my post from yesterday; I had a chance to visit different parts of the United Kingdom during all seasons. Each time may be charming, each time may be dark and rainy.
My favorite seasons for visiting the United Kingdom is spring or early autumn, but some places may be more convenient during summer.

England – Rainy Country

Manchester, England

England has a maritime climate with relatively mild temperatures, i.e., it’s usually not hot in summer, neither very cold in winter. But, it may rain a lot.

The pictures I show you, were mostly taken in January and a few in December. Some of them may look like sunny, summer photos, but mostly like autumn cloudy ones. Well, it’s like it is… 🙂

England – Introduction

Leeds Castle, England

Welcome to England!
Yes, that’s correct, this month is not going to be about the entire country i.e., the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but “only” about England – the country in the country.

There are so many differences between all countries, islands etc. within the United Kingdom, so I decided to have a separate month about each of them that I’ve visited.