Russia – Final impression

Caucasus Mountains, Russia

October is almost over, so it’s time to say “Bye bye Russia” on my blog.
How did you like my travel impressions this month?

Russia is a large country, and I’ve seen only a tiny part of it. However, I can recommend places I’ve visited, i.e., Moscow and Saint Petersburg (with their vicinity), and Caucasus Mountains.
I hope to visit Russia again because of two sites: the Lake Baikal and Kamchatka.

What kind of place in Russia would you recommend the most?

p.s. Tomorrow we’re “flying” to a warm country. πŸ™‚
Stay tuned!

Russia – Lakes

Caucasus Mountains, Russia

It’s not exactly a lake on today’s picture, but it was probably the closest what I have. πŸ™‚
I wanted to write a few words about the Lake Baikal. I haven’t visited it yet, but it’s still on my list. The only problem, I dream of seeing it in winter… Maybe, you’ve seen amazing pictures of Baikal taken in winter? Unfortunately, I almost feel cold even from thinking about it. πŸ˜€

Lake Baikal is the deepest and biggest lake in world; one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It’s located in Siberia.

Have you seen the Lake Baikal (maybe even in winter)?

Russia – Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus, Caucasus Mountains, Russia

Do you know, what’s the highest mountain in Europe? Well, it’s a bit tricky question. Depending, how you define the border between Europe and Asia, one can say Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco, 4808 m above sea level) or Mount Elbrus (5642 m above sea level).
Let’s say here, that Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain in Russia (Caucasus) and Europe; and Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Western Europe and in the European Union. πŸ™‚

Elbrus, as you see in today’s picture, has two summits; they are inactive volcano domes (5642 m and 5621 m).

Russia – Hermitage Museum

Saint Petersburg, Russia

The Hermitage Museum is the most iconic place in Saint Petersburg.
For me, it was the most important place I wanted to visit there. It was a nice surprised to me, the Hermitage was for free for students, so I went there a few times πŸ™‚
All collections are really impressive as well as the buildings!

Russia – Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg (used to known as Petrograd and Leningrad) was founded by Peter the Great in 1703. Today, it’s the second biggest Russian city (after Moscow).
Saint Petersburg is a great tourist attraction. It has a lovely historic center, wonderful museum the Hermitage and many many bridges (more than in Venice). πŸ˜‰

Saint Petersburg is a very popular destination in summer because of β€œwhite nights” (=long daylight). Of course, there are many places that are located quite far to north and you can experience there this phenomena; but Saint Petersburg is somehow famous because of white nights. πŸ™‚

Russia – Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro, Russia

The Moscow Metro (subway) is one of the longest in the world and one of the most beautiful ones!
When you’re in Moscow, visit different metro stations; they are like museum!
Not all stations are so impressive, so you don’t have to stop everywhere, but consider e.g., stations: Mayakovskaya, Kiyevskaya, Elektrozavodskaya, or Taganskaya.

Russia – Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, Russia

Saint Basil’s Cathedral (the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed) is the most iconic building in Moscow.
Before going to Russia, I saw many times pictures of the Cathedral, and later I was still very impressed by this church! Simply amazing!
However, I have to mention, I was quite disappointed when I saw a similar church in Saint Petersburg… I thought, that Saint Basil’s Cathedral from Moscow is so unique and special.
The other surprise to me was that Saint Basil’s Cathedral is a museum! Well, it’s still an impressive museum. πŸ™‚

Russia – Kremlin & Red Square (Moscow)

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Moscow, Russia

The Kremlin and Red Square are the best known attractions of Moscow.
(They are located just close to each other, but they’re separate places.)

The Moscow Kremlin is a fortified complex; with palaces, cathedrals, walls and towers.
It’s an official residence of the president of Russian.

Red Square is the most famous city square in Russia (or maybe even in the world?).
What’s interesting, its name doesn’t come from the red color. The original Russian name of the Square can be translated as “beautiful” or “red”; the Square is beautiful so that’s the real meaning of its name. πŸ™‚

Russia – Moscow

Moscow, Russia

Moscow is the capital of Russia.
It’s the largest city in Russia and even one of the largest in the world.

Is Moscow worth visiting?

What are the main attractions of Moscow?
-From my point of view, it’s the Red Square, Kremlin and Russian metro.
There is much much more in Moscow to see; this is just my must-see list. πŸ™‚