Brazil – If I have time


Brazil is definitely too big for the majority of single trips. I spent lovely time there (twice), but didn’t have enough time to explore as much as I’d like to.
I hope to have a chance to go to Brazil once more, then a few national parks are going to be on my list (e.g., Lençóis Maranhenses, Aparados da Serra, Serra da Bodoquena, Pantanal Matogrossense, Chapada dos Veadeiro, and Fernando de Noronha).

Brazil – Favela

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Favela is kind of Brazilian slum; suburb of the big city, where poor citizens live.
The term may be not completely right, because there are poorer and reacher favelas; relatively safe of extremely dangerous, etc.
Anyway, a good advice – don’t go to favelas on your own, and probably taking a tour to favela is also controversial, at the end, favela is not a zoo!

Brazil – Is it safe?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Almost everywhere, you cannot feel 100% safe, because people are only people and something may always happen. Still, some places are considered to be more dangerous than the others.
While visiting big cities in Brazil you should stay very careful, e.g., even Brazilians warn foreigners about Rio de Janeiro. I don’t have any bad experience, but I know people who weren’t so lucky.