Peru – Final Impression


Today, the last day of my Peruvian month on my travel blog. I hope, you enjoyed these few pictures.
My trip to Peru was relatively short; I just had a chance to go there, after visiting Chile and Argentina, so thought “better short than nothing”. Hopefully, I’ll have a possibility to visit this beautiful country once more.

Tomorrow, a new adventure starts; stay tuned! 🙂

Peru – When to Go


You can go to Peru basically all year round. However, the best weather for visiting Machu Picchu should be between May and September, or even between June and August, but then you have to be prepared for crowds.

I was in Peru at the end of March/beginning of April; and in some places you could still experience the power of last raining season (on the picture).

Peru – Traditional Clothes


It’s really nice for tourists to see people wearing their traditional clothes. In Peru, like in many other countries, younger generation usually wears modern clothes. However, you can still find many Peruvians wearing traditional clothing related to their ethnic background; and it looks really beautiful and colorful!

Peru – How to Get to Machu Picchu

In the train, Peru

There are a few options how to get to Machu Picchu, i.e., on foot, by bus or by train.
Hiking the Inca Trail is very popular, however, it actually may be quite crowded and other hiking routes are also possible.
Bus or train are good options as well; you can even combine them and then take a shorter hike; all depends on you, how much time you have, how fit you are or what season you’re traveling.

I chose the train (but it was 2011 – so I’m sure some things changed), because I had very little time, and March/April is not the best season in Peru for hiking.